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If not, look for packages related to “development”, verify which contains the compiler, and install. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. November 21st, 1. Next, we need to discover if your chosen distribution of Linux has already installed an older version of this driver on your system. Please note that the acx driver does not support WPA authentication. Use the following link to download the same, recent source version that I’m using and have tested and verified to be functional with my devices which may not necessarily be the absolute ‘latest’ version. If you need to reset your password, click here.

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If the scan completed successfully and yet you acd111 see your access point listed, then it’s possible that you’ve set it to not ‘broadcast’ it’s ssid station name.

You’ll need to first create the directory where they need to be installed, type: The firmware found on this page http: This is my updated guide for new Linux users who have Texas Instruments’ acx or acx based devices and would like them to become functional.

The PW should be of 10 or 13 characters lenght.

If you have achieved association, but your pings to your linuc access point still come back “unreachable”, then possible causes are:. Sign up using Facebook. Understand though, that if any ethernet interface in your machine is using DHCP, that the contents of that file will re-written when that interface obtains it’s DHCP ‘lease’.


You will also need to make the same edit in the file: Help answer threads with 0 replies. One more step is required to get your newly created “local” file into the startup system, type: I’m going to repeat that again: My output looks like this:.

acx – Debian Wiki

First, change to the acx If there is limux output from that command and you are simply returned to your command prompt, then no driver is already installed and you should proceed on to the next section. If that file also is not found, then scx111 to the next paragraph. Your info regarding the other fields will most likely be different than mine, that’s ok, all we’re looking for here is association. Linux – Networking This forum is for any issue related to networks or networking.

Linnux Date Jul Beans 2, Many times these wireless-tools are not installed unless a “recognized” wireless card is inserted at installation time. I got the script to run at appropriate times in the boot sequence and both my eth0 and wlan0 were able to get connected, but it was a static ip for the wlan0.

Texas Instruments ACX100/TNETW1100, ACX111/TNETW1130, ACX100USB, TNETW1450 devices

Hopefully, now I am. Device name unknown USB: Of course, you’ll be substituting both the actual IP address of wlan0 returned on your system for ” November 22nd, 5.


The time now is There may be other lines in addition to “lo” describing any other active ethernet devices in the machine that do linxu have wireless capability, this is all normal:. Out of those 9 lines listed, we’re only interested in that last one:.

Understand that this is not exactly how things should really be done, but appears accx111 be a necessary hack to compile this driver module on SuSE 9.

The ACX/ACX/TNETW wireless network driver project (Linux, BSD)

I’ll probably just give it away. To check, make sure you device is plugged in or otherwise connected to your computer, and run lspci -n Amongst the lines output, you should see the following: November 22nd, 3.

In your root-console, verify linnux presence of the compiler, type: You may be wondering what’s going to happen should you decide to shut down the computer or reboot it. Make sure any commands listed in bold text below are typed in verbatim, case and punctuation are important.