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I’m going to go do a firmware upgrade now that I’ve seen this with Hardy also. The information about this bug in Launchpad is automatically pulled daily from the remote bug. Similar problem here on two different models of Compaq Proliant. See full activity log. It’s good idea to have v2.

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I dug up the follwing link to some documentation on Dells site, take a look and see if it will help. Aug 10, Posts: In short – applications don’t notice the issue. TJ tj wrote on Similar problem here on two different models of Compaq Proliant.

I would assume it’s there in the event that there’s a power loss, so you don’t lose whatever data is in the RAID controller? Is anyone actually dealing with the original bug — which still exists in Hardy or does the Perc firmware update always fix it? I’ve developed a patch for testing which is attached to the bug at kernel. Yes there is adsptec performance hit during reconditioning, since write caching is turned off.

  BENQ S2W 4300U 3300U DRIVER

There should be a Recondition button. I think this is probably the bug in my case at least. If you get the right combination of BIOS and driver, it mostly works, but get it wrong and you can have sporadic lockups on whichever OS you use it with.

How serious is this?

openbsd user – misc – Dell PERC 3/Di – No Disks Found

Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on I checked for more recent releases this week before chasing the bug. I am wondering if this card is actually supported, or if anyone has been able to pdrc it to work easily.

Hi James, Since you’re the original bug reporter, care to comment if the firmware updates mentioned here resolved this for you? Glorfindel Ars Praefectus Adaprec Please run your controller’s management software. From Dell’s support site, it looks like this problem is fixed in version 2. Application admins see the message and freak out. Alpha5 is set to be adaptev Thursday Sept 4. The message is not an indication of failure and there is no reason for concern.


What is the status of this bug? Beginning Domain Validation Jul 6 However you do need to be aware that the application or OS adatpec whatever thinks the data is comitted to disk. You’re on the version just prior to this. Controller battery needs reconditioning.

Dell PERC 3/Di – No Disks Found

For comparison here is a successful boot log from the serial console with Feisty 2. Linux Kernel Bug Tracker The server is quite old.

I booted into recovery mode and installed the -generic flavour onto the installed system. That way it’s disabled in the event of a dead battery, I believe.

Thu Apr 10, 1: If it does, we should get prc onto the front page. You should then be able to test via a LiveCD.