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Work around missing Upstart support by checking for installed files instead of SysV init scripts which no longer exist. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. No summary available for crypto-modules PDF clamdscan crash fix LP: Ensure we re-enable devices on resume LP:

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No description available for linux-headers- 2. Some of these fixes were by Ubuntu developers directly, while others were by upstream developers and backported to Ubuntu.

Hardware & Software Useful bits: April

Expand the small gap we leave at the end of the disk to avoid MD superblock ambiguity so that it correctly covers the region where ambiguity might arise. Backport anx71550 from llinux. PIO support for naked symantics LP: Remove retry logic LP: I need to give them a poke, was just asking in case someone has located them already.

Binary packages built by lunux source block-modules Assume working semaphores, don’t rely on running kernel for the check. This fixes a bug when upgrading a dbus-landscape which never registered LP: In addition to getting the tools to work with the maverick kernel, this update fixes: Users should watch for instances of “mmiotrace has lost events” in dmesg to make sure the trace buffers are not too small.


Fix bug that cause to crash when doing hibernate Driver tries to enable clock gating during GPU hardware initialization. Make warning less noisy LP: Initialize linuxx roots’s childen hits LP: Fix fork vs hotplug vs cpuset namespaces LP: Drop the responses operation from facebook, it abuses the allocation facebook gives us based on the DB query count LP: Fix issuestrstr broken for some inputs on pre-SSE4 machines.

: linux-mvl-dove package : Ubuntu

Patch by Kees Cook. In any case, if you would like to give us a helping hand debugging the XVideo implementation my suspect is. Fix a regression introduced in 2. No description available for nic-modules- 2. No summary available for nfs-modules Fix broken assertion LP: No description available for firewire- core-modules- 2.

Roverbook steel. Проект Debian вместо Android.

Refine the bootargs usage mechanism and update all board setup files. Update to stable upstream version 2. May be makes it in the current kernel, but I guess basics will be in at 3. On some specific hardware systems, oem-config fails to start after reboot. Newer Posts Older Posts Home.


Linud description available for linux-image- 2. Fixes a segfault on umount, caused due to an empty mtab entry. I managed to restore the LocalSettings: This would cause the plugin to send negative values sometimes LP: Does it make sense to have that on the SOM with some mini- or micro-sma cons? Fix OutputFormats syntax LP: