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For example, a 2. Thus, increasing the size of the faces of the side-to-side repeater reduces the amount of energy that each face radiates to the backward face. The delay line length for each antenna may be selected either independently or in unison with the selection of delay lines for other antennas, in response to suitable control signals C in much the same fashion as in FIG. In addition to the couplers and , respective delay lines and may be employed at either end of the RF path, one just prior to the summing junction and one subsequent to the coupler Therefore, with a 15 dB margin, this type of system can utilize a total gain of up to 85 dB or more, which results in fairly large range and coverage. The combined signal from the combining network is further processed by an uplink channel module , amplified by a power amplifier , and fed to the donor antenna via its associated diplexer

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Unwanted feedback occurs via surface currents on the outside surfaces of the panel, and path lengths that are odd multiples of one-half wavelength produce cancellation of the unwanted surface currents.

In particular, thin features may be thickened, wirelless example, for clarity or illustration.

In the illustrated embodiment, the signals from the antennas and are aligned in phase by the combining network and uplink channel module ;c, in addition to being combined with equal gain settings on each path. While only two control lines are shown, there are M control lines C in total, one for each PIN diode As shown in FIGS. Thus, a pair of dipoles 14 a are printed on a dielectric sheet 13 asfron to form the base-station-facing antenna for the base-station side of the repeater.

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This approach will minimize or eliminate the need for an interference canceller. Thus, selection of Beam 1 towards the back, also selects Beam 1 towards the front.

The band pass filters and are selected so as to reduce the out-of-band signals. If it is desired to increase the wide-angle coverage of the signals re-transmitted by the repeater, one side of the repeater may be provided with multiple antennas oriented in different directions.


This is especially useful in a side-side eeceiver. One example of this type of antenna, shown in FIGS. The signal repeating element of claim 1 further comprising an adaptive cancellation circuit coupled with the at least one receive antenna element and the receiver circuitry and configured for generating a cancellation signal for reducing gamibg signals present in the uplink path.

For example, in a dipole antenna, electrons accelerate from one end, towards the center where they have the greatest velocitythen de-accelerate towards the other end where the velocity is the slowest.

Method and system for multiple antenna communications using multiple transmission modes, related apparatus and computer program product. The dielectric sheet 13 a is fastened to the opposite side of the metal housing 15 from the sheet Frequency translating repeater with low cost high performance local oscillator architecture.


Mobile household consumer device for use on e. Other parameters might be used to control switching such as the lowest noise or some other measure of signal quality. A direct RF repeater performs all gain and filtering functions at the high frequency of the desired signal.

The inner radius is chosen to make the patch resonant at the design frequency. The antenna system includes a link antenna for receiving the GPS signal from a GPS transmitting antennaa GPS repeater for amplifying the received GPS signal to produce a second GPS signal and a broadcast antenna for re-transmitting the second GPS signal inside the structure 5.

Thus, the side endfire angles of the system would have much lower reduced gain. Accordingly, each of these antennas is provided with a frequency diplexerto accommodate the use of different frequency bands in the uplink and downlink channels. Combined remote control for wireless communication equipment and associated antenna.

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A radio frequency RF switch operated in response to a control signal on a control line selects from among the lines of different lengths connecting the various antenna elements to the summersastroon, etc. The periphery of the ground-plane plate 27 is captured within a slot in the inner periphery of the choke frame The controller’s functions may also include monitoring of power levels at various points in the system, monitoring of the status of the devices in the system, for example for over-power, under-power, oscillation, etc.


Similar electronic circuits or paths including filters and amplifiers are interposed between the respective vaming of antennas 52 a54 a and 52 b54 b. If this signal is comparable in power to the original signal S tthen the amplifier will go unstable, and oscillate ring.

This conversion unit includes an antenna a that complies with the IEEE The two-dimensional Butler matrix is in turn coupled with an M: This linear array produces a fan beam with increased directivity in the elevation plane, which acts to reduce the multipath interference due to reflections from nearby objects such as walls or ceilings.

The base-station-facing antenna preferably has a wireless half wiireless beamwidth than the mobile-facing antenna. Atsron one particular embodiment wirdless the invention having a base-station-facing antenna mounted on one of the opposing sides of the housing and a mobile-facing antenna mounted on the other of the opposing sides of the housing, the two antennas each comprise an array of antenna elements, and a beamforming arrangement creates a desired antenna pattern of the base-station-facing antenna relative to a base station and a desired antenna pattern of the mobile-facing antenna relative to subscriber equipment.

Conventional detents can be used to indicate the successive increments, and to hold the repeater at each incremental position until it is advanced to the next position.