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The cloud-based fax server gives businesses the flexibility to handle fax service and storage needs online and onsite with hybrid options. Compare Similar Products Want to make sure this is the right product for you? The fax administrator can specify the destination for any and all incoming faxes. Send and receive faxes through email using: Fax Server Software Automated inbound fax management simplifies the process of directing faxes to the correct destination and eliminates errors.

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All incoming faxes are tracked and included in system reports, eliminating lost and misplaced fax documents.

Inbound fax rules can be based on OCR or bar code technology to route incoming faxes to the correct person. Control user access and permissions with easy-to-administer group settings.

There are no customers reviews here yet, but we’d love to hear your insight on this product. The hybrid service gives additional service options for those times when the onsite server is overloaded. Biscom customer support is designed with the user in mind. Communications Software Biscom fax software gives faxbozrd the flexibility to use fax technology using the method that best suits the situation and their workflow.

Custom designed reports are also supported. All Biscom direct sales and support staff are located in the Massachusetts office, giving them direct access to the knowledge and expertise of the product designers. Locate details about fax routing information with a simple database or LDAP query.


Users have access to live customer support personnel and experienced support engineers. Me Review on PCMag.

This technology allows for real-time delivery of faxes from point to point with no delay. Biscom allows businesses to integrate fax capabilities into other electronic workflows for seamless integration and improved efficiency. NET, electronic medical record, electronic health record, biscon relationship management, SAP, iSeries, OnBase, and other technologies are supported.

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Biscom also includes support for enhanced disaster preparedness. The ShoreTel telephony platform impressed us with its strong combination of ease of use and design. Fax Server Software Automated inbound fax management simplifies the process of directing faxes to the correct destination and eliminates errors.

Biscom integrates with a variety of industry-specific applications to ensure ease of use and privacy compliance across all industries.


Biscom includes 20 standard, predefined reports to assist in tracking faxes. Each inbound fax faxbowrd be routed to one destination, or several destinations, and even be split into multiple-page.

The cloud-based fax services offer the same flexibility and functionality as onsite services, so regardless of which plan you choose, you will have access to full-color fax, fax to email, full integration, print to fax, fax destination management, and mobile fax capabilities.

Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and mobile browsers are supported. A wide range of application programming interfaces APIs is offered to aid developers in integrating Biscom with standard and custom applications. In addition, system upgrades are performed without the need to shut down the fax system.


Send and receive faxes through email using:.

Faxes are then routed automatically to their intended destination: Or, if preferred, the systems administrator might assign day-to-day user management tasks to local managers. Software updates are included with the standard service contract. If, for some reason, the system cannot run a scheduled biscpm or preform a scheduled task, the administrator is automatically alerted of the problem.

You would think that email, FTP, instant messaging, and other methods of transferring files would have killed the fax machine, Most people think of Skype merely as video calling. Manage hundreds of fax servers and services at once using a combination of onsite and cloud-based fax servers without the need for physical fax machines. The fax administrator can specify the destination for any and all incoming faxes.

When using FoIP service, there is no need for fax boards. The service runs using only the software licenses. If you click a merchant link and buy a product or service on their website, we may be paid a fee by the merchant.