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You can also download the latest printer driver for all of the following operating systems from the Brother Solutions Center at http: Changing the default tray temporarily for the next print only. The default time-out is 5 minutes. Lock the copy pages selection to prevent multiple copy printing. You can download the latest printer driver by accessing the Brother Solutions Center at http: Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. If you want to add a border, use this function.

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The printer does x feed paper from the manual feed slot. If you need further assistance, please contact Brother customer service: Title Description Release Date Version Size Remote Printer Console With this software you can change many of the printer settings independently of your software application.

Put the paper into the manual feed slot with the side to be printed face up. Set the Pages per SheetLayout direction and Border.

Brother HL-2070N driver downloads

Using this function allows you to do the following. The printer saves data that you want to reprint.

Select how many pages will appear on each side of the paper. This tool allows you to completely uninstall the Printer driver.

Lock the scaling setting as shown below. We recommend you use this tool if you are replacing a driver that is already installed on your brohher.


A printer driver is software that translates data from the format used by a computer to the format that a particular printer needs.

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When you use a bitmap file as a watermark, you can change the size of the watermark and put it anywhere you like on the page. While the printer is in sleep mode, all the LEDs are off, but the printer can still receive data from the computer. Change the tab settings by clicking the following icons: You can save running costs by turning on the toner save mode, which reduces the print density.

The Printer Function list may differ depending on the model. You can change the settings manually by selecting the Manual button and clicking the Setting The screens on your PC will vary depending on your Operating System.

Typically, this format is a printer command language or page description language. The Paper Source setting of your Brother machine will automatically default to Auto Select when printing. Enter the password into this box. There are six types of manual duplex binding directions available for each orientation. When you specify the Pages per sheet, you can also specify the direction of the layout.

Administrators have the authority to limit the Number of copies, Scaling setting and Watermark setting functions. If you check the Binding Offset option, you can also specify the offset for binding in inches or millimeters.


You can set the Paper sizeOrientation and Scale. Printer Driver Uninstall Tool.

Contact Us Product Registration Visit www. This is a comprehensive file containing available drivers and software for the Brother machine.

The printer does not feed paper from the manual feed slot. | Brother

Have you checked the manuals? Please make sure the following steps to print a document from the manual feed slot. When the image is very complicated and the printer has to wait bbrother process the image before printing, use this function.

You can change settings by selecting the setting in the Printer Settings list: You can set the following Printer Function modes in this tab: If your question was not answered, have you checked other FAQs? If you choose not to lift up the output tray support flap, we recommend that brotheer remove printed pages as soon as they come out of the machine.