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The bottom of the cabinet is raised about B inches above the tlooi lo provide room for the supply and Return con- nections of the coil. Piping connections made from cabinet to steam and retuni mains. Mechanical Shaft seols can be supplied as an alternative. Designed so thai when well c 5ver is removed leve of liquid in well is lowered, exposing the top of baske for removal. Enclosure Trim Pieces f. Webster Series “78” Strain- ers should be installed ahead of the traps to inter- cept the pipe scale, chips and bits of metal inevi tably found in coils. Sometimes an egg boiler is placed on a shelf attached to the urn stand.

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To facilitate dismounting and reassembly, the pump is constructed independently of the Receiver so that it can be lifted out simply by disconnecting the piping and electrical connections. nc-2230h

ErroM dr i uivrr rniitrrmrtii uMnr- l. Know ilk- Medical Consultants: January, iOM Printed in U. Figure 36 shows piping detail for a revolving cylinder.

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Can be repatkrd under pressure. The most used aixes [ These conncciiom arc 1″ I. Screwed Paiitrn — iD. However, it is desirable that the control unit be located where it is easily accessible, in a hall near a coat closet, for example. Siege social et usines: Darling Feed Water Filter. Trap “E” will operate continuously, removing air and dis- charging condensation as formed. How this turbulence is produced in cast iron radiation is shown in the ilhistration brlther Fig.


Elimination of the many joints necessary in a duple- strainer made up brotehr valves. They are made of cast iron, copper, nickel or aluminum.

To prevent noise from unit being carried through building, the pump and motor ore to be mounted on heavy separate cost iron bases equipped with DARLING Vibration Dampers.

The temperature of steam at 30 pounds pressure is degrees.

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Darliri ; Fted Waier Filier. Maximum number of printed pages per month and can be used to compare designed durability between like Brother products.

They are suitable for working pressures up to 45 lbs per so ft Suggested Specifications Install where shown on plans or where required to meet nf-230h pansion requirements. One is usually rectangular and made up of one or more rectangular compartments provided with gas- keted.

The filler is usually tonnetied between the feed pump and ihe boiler. Radiator Orifices There shall be installed in each radiator supply con- nection Webster metering orifices of a type suitable for inslallation in the radiation supplied. Vet, essentially, these are really degrees of dif- rences in control.


A minimum pressure difference of brothre lbs. The thermostat will shut off the flow of water to the loop serving the bedroom whenever the set temper- ature is exceeded. Where special apparatus is installed operating at pres- sures which will not exceed 60 pounds, the Class 2 Trap can be used. Rigorous pressure ond running tests to simulate field conditions ore conducted here.

Shouldered to tofce end thrust. The renewable sharp- edged seat is brass with Stainless Steel insert. L’avaniage d”un filire double est qu’il y a nc230h ours un filtre dc disponiblc ptndant le neiioyage dt l’au[re, Cei agentemeni de sou- papts n’csi fourni qut moyennani maforaiion.

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These sizes can be mounted in pipe line without other support. The responsible group, ofter nc-23h study of the available heot- mg systems, chose Webster Wolvector Tru-Perimeter Heating wthch was instolled in such multiple units as the specific conditions of each room required.

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