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The main unit stays in the stand-by mode until the ESS activation time specified in the user mode has elapsed. SW10, 11, 13, 15, , 27 and are Reserved. Then, after removing the 4 installation screws [4], remove the laser scanner unit [5]. When this occurs, please change the lithium battery. Connects to information services that accept tone dialing only, even if you are using a rotary pulse line or enters a plus sign in a fax number.

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Other In winter, especially upon installation, sometimes moisture condensation occurs cxnon the machine and causes various problems when a machine is suddenly moved from a cold warehouse and set in a warm room. The configuration of the main unit is also the same for units which are not equipped with an ADF.

Connects to information services that accept tone dialing only, even if you are using a rotary pulse line or enters a plus sign in a fax number.

Remove the cartridge and check. Paper leading edge detection The paper sent from the pick-up assembly is sent to the transfer area by the registration cano CL rotation.

Canon 1500A003AA, H-Cartridge Toner Cartridge Black, GP 160- Original

Once again, if the pick-up sensor does not come ON in the 3 seconds following the activation of the pick-up solenoid, the fp160 determines that a delay jam has occurred. The printer continuously prints a diagonal line pattern in fine mode and characters in normal density. Jam Sensing Pick-up delay Jam During the cassette feeding sequence, once the pick-up solenoid SL is ON, if the paper does not arrive at the pick-up sensor PS within 3 seconds, the feeding operation is retried. When an ggp160 occurs Normal completion 1: All products which are sold in the United States are obligated to have this label affixed.


Choose a well-ventilated location f. Do not overly widen the suppor t assembly.

Canon GP160

Input the counter value after replacing. If the problem cassette is a cassette feeder cassette, replace the corresponding feeder controller PCB. Is there dirt on the contact point that YES Clean the contact Cartridge pri2 supplies high-voltage to the carpoint.

If product approval is not given, the product may not be sold in America. Select NL equalizer ON when errors occur frequently due to telephone line conditions during communications.

Is the trouble resolved when the laser scanner unit is replaced? This units image formation process is composed of the following steps. Is the connector firmly connected?

Canon AAA, H-Cartridge Toner Cartridge Black, GP Original

One touch dial key. Residual paper jam When power is turned on paper is left behind in the sensor area the sensor detects copy paper. Changes over to the printer mode. However, do not expose the cartridge to direct sunlight. In this manual, the accessory one level cassette feeder unit D1 and the accessory three level cassette feeder unit E1 are called the cassette feeders.


Effective when SW16 Bit 0 is 0. NO Check if the spring that Does the lifting plate rise with the lifts the lifting plate is pick-up timing?

Reduce the image and print within the page when a divided print is made. This acts to prevent the depletion of the back up batteries. Multi-feeder assembly To remove the multi-feeder pickup roller 1 Remove the printer unit from the main unit refer to If any of the conditions listed below exist, then the ESS mode is not activated. For this reason, when moving the machine from a cold environment to a warm one, prior to installation, it is recommended that the machine be allowed to sit in its packing material for at least an hour or more in order for it to warm up to room temperature.

For more information about the types of data which can be backed up, please refer to page This activates the fan motor at half-speed rotation.

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One-touch dial, speed dial, group dial entries. Be sure to insert correctly. T1 Timer setting, etc.