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Second option fine till got here; 2. Anyone running a similar configuration and where there any issues? Drive is not recognized at setup. I was hoping to leave drive bay 5 open and when I insert a large hard drive and it prompts me I choose backup and when done just pull the drive and put it in the safe????? That gives me 5 drive bays to add data. If I find anything that works, I’ll post what I find here. RAID 0 works as configured.

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I hate the Dell CERC SATA /6ch RAID Controller | TechnoGreg

You will probably almost certainly have to supply drivers during the initial graphical portion of the reinstallation, since without drivers it’s unlikely that you will even be presented with the option for reinstallation at the appropriate point.

I also satw coming across a “corporate” version of Windows Update several years ago that had every available update listed, not just the one’s listed for your particular system. Free tech support, motherboard ID, and more. Hopefully though, someone has found a solution and can assist. I have been programming on computers since the ZX You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Windows Home Server Hardware and Installation. The card is made by Adaptec, they may have had something. You are commenting using your WordPress.


I am an apprentice trained Electronics Engineer with qualifications to back it up. I don’t have it configured as a RAID just two cec drives. So i’m guessing it might be the HDDs. Stick in the floopy and load all drivers – there may be two or more – load them all Setup continues and needs to reboot – pop out the floppy and let it reboot and then put the floppy back in. staa

Anyone running a similar configuration and where there any issues? The procedure for loading additional drivers during the install doesn’t allow you to use non-certified drivers. In retrospect, I should have looked for another source for the drivers other than the Dell website. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So what card do you recommend instead as hardware raid for 6 drives? Once I selected which drive to install to and entered my product key, the rest of the install was hands off.

At that time I just got the standard “hardware found” dialog box.

Try the above driver and load it from a pendrive when asked. If you wanted the card to perform, you needed to go grab the adaptec drivers and mod them to work very easily done.

And .15 would too if you ever had to work with it. Typically I use the hardware not software RAID card that the manufacturer recommends and ships the server with, like the H line for Dells. Before you commit a significant amount of data, practice the server reinstallation process with several drives installed, connected to that controller, and included in the storage pool. I went to support.


cerrc I have been repairing computers since If you really need to use this card, someone in the comments mentioned using Adaptec drivers. I did not try the XP drivers, but as Colin mentioned, it’s been my past experience that the Server drivers should work.

There are several reboots during setup and they all need the floppy with the CERC drivers in there so it can read the drivers.

The Mother Board

Runs like one though. Tuesday, March 24, 5: Second option fine till got here; 2. Notify me of new comments via cer. I had that same card in several iterations of Win2K3 servers, but never as a boot drive.

Any suggestions on how to get this controller working would be great. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.