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Do you need a golf training club? Improves Slices and Hooks. Just set up in your living room or on the driving range and start swinging. Our Medicus Dual 5 Iron golf training club is the perfect gift for oneself, a friend, or a family member who loves golf. More refinements More refinements Plus, it improves all aspects of your swing, from your takeaway to your downswing to your follow-through. Instantly Detects Swing Flaws.

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Got one to sell? Driver golfers improved in their ability to swing the club on path and maintain solid impact – eliminating hooks and slices!

Check out the pictures and bid with confidence. As you know the hinges are adjustable on this trainer. The right distance between your right knee and left foot.

Medicus Dual Hinged 5-Iron

mecicus Guaranteed Delivery see all. More Testimonials from Satisfied Customers. An incorrect golf swing stance such as a knee bend or hip slide can affect the swing plane, distance, and balance during a golf swing.


Medicus cc Driver Choose Loft The PureStrike Wedge teaches you to keep a flat left wrist throughout the golf stroke.

All these have led to the confusion, frustration and inconsistency of the player. You’ll get rid of that medcus and start bombing it off the tee. All Auction Buy It Now. Medicus Dual – Introduction From: As Hank works with Mark on driving, he is also giving a personal lesson to you.

Instantly Detects Swing Flaws.

Medicus Dual 5 Iron Trainer | Golf Training Club by Medicus Golf

Once you learn to swing without hitting the Benderstik you’ll know you’re swinging on plane to a picture perfect swing. Includes Free Putter Trainer. The armmaster promotes the proper arm motion during your back-swing and eliminates excessive separation of your elbows at impact or during follow-through. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan mmedicus. Portable, multifunctional training tool.

It has the original steel, regular flex shaft and the grip is in good shape. A pair of sunglasses that are not only convenient, but also convertible. Comments Please log in to leave a comment.


Pure Strike Swing Clinic | Medicus Dual – Make or Break Point 1 – The Take-Away

This club is still in very nice usable shape, just a couple of minor scratches. Medicus Golf Promotions The coolest sunglasses in golf!

An incorrect golf swing stance such as a knee bend or hip slide can affect the swing plane, distance, and balance during a golf swing. This 9 iron has never seen a ball mrdicus its club face.

There is no hinge. Improve Tempo, Swing Path and Plane. Golf Training Club Features: Brand new sealed in box. Take technique, form, and precision out of the theoretical and into the practical with our ArmMaster golf practice aid. Improves tempo and teaches swing path meedicus plane.

Medicus Dual 5-Iron Trainer.