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Josh Korwin When PCs were in their infancy, one major appeal was their ability to complete your tasks quickly. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books However, assuming the FA is installed and configued properly, if you create a new project in Sonar you will find that you can drag one of your iTunes files straight across into an audio track in the track sheet. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? When I scroll the list it shows FA 1, all the way down to FA 5 there as options, so I don’t know which to select. I have a laptop everything is simpler with a amd 1.

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edirool Good price quality ratio there one year. Your playback volume or gain is controlled by everything included Track Fader, Send volume if using sends,, Bus Fader,, Main out faders The manual is complete, a routing Schematic drawing is on top of the machine. Let’s hope Crazyfoo is now on the right track.

Branch with compact4 of Soundcraft, dbx compressor insert, TLA live, sometimes I branch keyboards or edidol expanders “invited to. Self-powered FireWire, compact size, number of inputs, integrated preamps, TRS connectors, direct monitoring with adjustable balance on the front panel.

Never I find it better to have one card for all my pc sounds. A sample recording is available here. We also do TV commercials, Radio spots and spoken word books 3.


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Awaiting your expert guidance: Fort Worth, TX Status: I recorded six tracks simultaneously has passed without problem. Is it a driver problem? With consumer level hardware, such as most Creative Labs edigol, one can easily hear games, DVDs, edkrol music in multiple levels of surround sound. Sometimes the card is not recognized at once simply the dye and turn and no problem.

I know this means that initially you won’t be able to play your Itunes through the Mackies but we can deal with that. It supports high quality You can also connect your midi devices to the FAbecause it supports midi in and out.

Roland Edirol Ua-101 USB Audio Interface Tracking Ship

Ok guys, good news I think I opened Sonar up and opened one of the demo songs and ediirol sound came through the Mackie’s. This is an investment, however, and if you are interested in recording anything on a regular basis, multi-track or not, the FA is an incredible value for its power.

I use cubase with my FA is for my personal model is to save my little band live. Branch on a black macbook core2duo 2.

Edirol / Roland UA Interface UA B&H Photo Video

I had to change the map FW 2 times. One of the most outstanding features on the FA is the fact that it can be bus-powered by the same FireWire cable used for its interface. All recording occurs with a crisp bit depth for maximum clarity.


So that’s edirl I am now. Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. Vista 64 bit drivers available here In steps Edirol, a division of Roland, fine makers of professional audio and music equipment, with their FA FireWire audio interface. If it appears grayed out, deselect all drivers first then select the Edirol interface. Manual balance of direct monitoring and software output is very very convenient.

View More Photo Galleries. Everything seems to work but after a while the recording is arrtait noting too slow disk I do not know why. That’s me, but i like simplicity and less problems CJay, I went through all the taks you mentioed and completed them, but now I’m having another problem Obviously something is happening that shouldn’t and I am slightly bitter at having to jump through all these hoops to make it work when it should have worked in the first place.