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Initially, all locks will be Unassigned – that is, not associated with any lock type. Override Criteria The process of having a keycard automatically override invalidate an existing keycard is a unique and patented feature of the Vision system. Reading events A detailed, time ordered list of lock events can be transferred from each VingCard lock to the LockLink. Update List button After making selections, click this button to refresh the list. This installation guide covers all necessary steps to make the Vision LockLink software ran. Unless you need to assign guests different Time Tables or Common Doors, or wish to issue Smartcards only to a limited sub-set of guests, you can create one User Group for all guests.

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Symbols and Buttons The following is an explanation of what the most commonly used buttons in the Vision system do. J To find out mors about esr-4932 to customize what gets synchronized, click on that information type in the list and then click Settings.

Default Length of Stay The default length of stay in days determines the default check-out date based on the check- in date.

Udb Next to continue. If one of them is selected at card issue time, Vision will raise a warning. The license code ‘demo’ will work for demo installations.

P Guest Default settings p’ [Deadbolt override: Exit the Registry Editor. These will be delivered at a later date – at which point Vision must be re-installed using them. Note that you cannot specify the lock number in LockLink before downloading the events.


Life Cycle of a Typical Guest Keycard This is the “life cycle” of a typical guest keycard and what it does: They are always used as the first part of a two-step process, with est–4932 Random or Sequential Fail-safe keycards. Page 73 VingCard Vision 4. Therefore, you must treat the software as any other copyrighted material, except that ubs may either make one copy of the software solely for backup and archive purposes.

Configure encoder network settings

Moves the selected item to the list on the right. By locating all of these sensitive functions in the same module, the Vision system protects you from unauthorized changes and from users exiting the program and running unauthorized software.

This check in stations may not have the latest room availability, so they may want a keycard issued at the hotel to sst-4932 priority over a keycard made at the airport. This lock group should be of type ‘Custom Locks’ first page in wizard and the ‘Stay Unlocked’ option should be checked. Returns you to the previous screen.

Download and install KDE Inc. KTXX Magnetic Card Reader USB – driver id

Moves the selected item to the list on the left. Fail-safe keycards Sequential and Fail-safe Programming keycards are pre-made keycards, created so that if the computer ever goes down, you can use them as guest keycards. It is actually a wizard within a wizard. The lock parameters are common for all locks inside one Lock Group. How Passwords Work Using the setup module, Vision system can be set up for any of the following password options: Page 13 VingCard Vision 4. Access to Common Doors is given in addition to doors that are specifically selected when the keycard is issued and up to 16 Common Doors can automatically assigned to a keycard when it is issued.


The voidlist- keycard can contain up to 5 user IDs to be void-listed. We will combine multiple items in one shipment whenever possible to save on shipping time. Assigning card family type by user group avoids prompting for type each time a card is Page VingCard Vision 4.

Vingcard Contact card

Moves to the bottom of the displayed list. Any Keycard Type may be interrelated or used as completely independent Keycard Types.

Page 34 VingCard Vision 4. Therefore, when you create Time Tables, you need to consider access based on time for both User Groups all keycards belong to a User Group as well as for Custom Locks such as lifts and parking. Click on the drop down list and select a Lock Group.

The card family type screen might look like this: