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Do not unplug or replug the machine while it is on. Set whether or not to use the mixed size originals feature when using the DADF for scanning. Page A Specifications Noise During operation: If you select the More If necessary, you can scroll the page using the buttons. Microsoft recommended loading the newer version of Calibri on the print server along with some complex scripts.

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Confirming Completed Jobs 7. Selecting the Paper to Use for Copying – Paper Sup- Select vx tray loaded with the desired copy paper and make copies.

Document Centre C400 Drivers & Downloads

Remedy this by following the message on the display. Select the Yes button in the confirmation screen.

Page Making Copies on Trans- parencies This section describes how to make copies on transparencies. When More Photo is selected, halftone images such as newspapers and flyers become more easily recognizable as rx.

After completing this form, detach and send it to the address below. The execution results for the last 50 print jobs are printed on job his- tory reports. Copying On Heavyweight Paper 2.


Do not unplug or replug the machine while it is on. I much prefer Nuance PDF Reader, but obviously that may cause issues across the business depending on the level of functionality required!

The solution described for this question will not work in this case as none of these computers are running Microsoft Windows OS. Error Codes Displayed on the Display Banner Sheet Tray 1. This item is displayed when the finisher or Face Up Side Tray is installed.

Sometimes, I see also error code, like on this thread: For details, contact our Customer Support Center. Store consumables in a cool, dry, and clean envi- ronment, away from an open flame, and out of direct exposure to sunlight.

Pressing Interrupt pauses continuous copying midway when it is OK for the job to be stopped. When the port status is set cc400 Enabled, the port status is sometimes automatically set to Disabled if there is insuf- ficient memory.

You can get burnt. Contact our Customer Support Center if the problem persists after you have tried the following solutions.


Supported Printers – DirectOfficeâ„¢ Mobile Print

Thanks for your attention. Any output size can be assigned to output size defaults 1 to 8.

You need not specify the size of the document if it a stan- dard-size document as indicated in the table below. Copying can also be stopped by selecting the Stop button that is displayed on the display during copying. Hey ordicoach I have also been struggling with this new version of Calibri font causing printing problems.

When pulling out the extension flap, do it gently. In the following example, Copy Job – Text is used. Here is more to chew on We had numerous WC74xx producing and errors and we traced to this font issue.

The default settings of each of these features can be changed. Others Close Items Current Settings No Shift Finisher Tray Outputting Sample Prints 7.