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Norton antivirus on a Gateway GX Hmmm The machine is not able to be updated. For those of you who said you couldn’t I’m not sure what you are doing wrong unless of course you are simply reffering to the whole Gateway will not support you issue. They told me to download the drivers from the website, I did the motherboard drivers, the modem, and the soundcard drivers did not work. Overall, like i mentioned above it’s a great deal. The machine maybe wonderful, however the support from Gateway is the worst tech support I have ever seen.

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Buy yourself a backpack if you want to carry this around. Norton was a crime on my pc, also impossible for me to reach their helpdesk.

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Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. But this is neither here nor there. When burning DVDs you have to gaateway the Roxio software is that still included, I have the emachines M which is the same machine and has Roxio to eject the disc. I’ve read that Norton consumes a lot of CPU power and is always running on the background.

And what did I think my chances were of finding a notebook that fit exactly what I wanted?


Yup, Does it have great tech support: Before I even bought the laptop I purchased a small wireless optical mouse to prepare for the touchpad. Dell Has the best Tech support on the planet. I would be willing to wager that the drivers for both the modem and soundcard are also ajdio.

Norton antivirus on a Gateway GX Hmmm I am not sure about the recovery process or backup recovery disk.

Gateway 7400 Notebook Review (pics, specs)

We sat on the phone for 3 hours while he google’d 3rd party drivers for my system. A very unintrusive virus program. Everything else is excellent, in my opinion.

Gatewqy from that, it’s a great deal!

Watching DVD movies audik a real pleasure with this, as the screen closely approximates the aspect ratio of a I’d stay away from Norton anything except Ghost.

Was up and running on the notebook in not time at all. Highly, highly, highly recommended, especially for the price.

Nobody has one and gateway is useless in helping. This is a for retail only system, one reason you will have problems finding it on Gateways site.

I called up my local store, and sure enough, they had it in stock. Find all posts by Allen Hallada.

A set of 6 blank CD’s are included so that you can burn the recovery discs yourself. Bottom line is if you buy this machine, if you change the configuration in any way away from the one that it had when you bought the machine, Gateway will not support it.


I appreciate any sugestions and also if somebody thinks I should gaetway Norton tell me should I stick to or go I insisted they send it in for repairs. The machine itself plus the power supply and any 7405bx batteries you may want to haul around will cause you a lot of pain in a shoulder bag.

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Just so you know, I’ve been using computers since Apple ][, not exactly a neophyte. I am willing to bet that they also do not match the hardware in the machine.

Overall, like i mentioned above it’s a great deal. This type of support is inexcusable. AVG works perfect here, including the e-mail scan. It is in 7405fx now.