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Cheers, Roland [ Reply to This ]. I tried to updates the nVidia drivers but it didn’t work, I got a message telling me that I can’t install that on my computer. Running the updater on its own results in it hanging, from which I can easily force-quit. If I try and boot 9 with the extensions on it hangs half way throught the load progress bar. The link above for the nVidia update is wrong.

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Go to the apple support section to download the update.

Apple NVIDIA Driver free download for Mac | MacUpdate

But there is a solution, if your machine has an AGP slot. I’ve tried the solutions published at http: Hyperfranx on Jan 27, ’03 Maybe some sort of OpenGL settings? What do all those error codes mean? What’s New in the Forums? Both methods had no results. I believe the Apple card uses 5ns ie.

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Geforce 4 MX 32 vs. Radeon 9000 pro 64

I have to say: Still the System Profiler tells me that there’s a GeForce card installed Then i put the Nvidia extensions in os 9 system and want to reboot in os 9 to flash the card. Out of the box gfeorce4 “worked” Massive flickering with wide green strips on OS 9.

Am i doing something wrong?. I understand this whole thread is for AGP cards You have to flash the card before rebooting in OS X. The monitor doesn’t “blink” under geforfe4 flashing process and after restart the card Rom is still f.

Geforce 4 MX 32 vs. Radeon pro 64 | MacRumors Forums

Any ideas on what is going on here? TM backup via Ethernet. When i put the extensions down in system and try to reboot, the system wont startup. Upon a new restart or startup I get the grey apple screen and then geforec4 for rest of boot process.

Are you trying to reboot in OS 9. Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macworld.


Open up your applescript editor and enter the following: Will this work for Grforce4 cards? Curious if others have had similar experiences with rock bottom priced cards that are “off brand”. Spelvin on Jan 28, ’03 OK I am blind or stupid Authored by: Considering they still support ATI Rage Pros and will teforce4 to do so even though Quartz Extreme will not work, you can still use your cardI seriously doubt any situation as described above would happen.

Ledrage on Jul 19, ’02 Has anyone had experience with this?? When I try to boot to OSX I get the inital Happy Mac and a color wheel in the upper left hand corner but once the machine goes to post all i get is gedorce4 “light” gray screen and nothing else.

Then I run the flash script, nothing happened, no black screen.