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Page 71 If necessary, pull out the extension tray to a length desired for the paper to be loaded. Tray 5 hcf Unit Inset a new lower feed roller. Power On Self Test ends with the top line of the display reading: Using The Flash Menu Remove all the paper and load the stack again.

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Locating User Documentation Cleaning Insert three new feed rollers.

Genicom Intelliprint ML Manuals

Connecting the Ethernet Cable Attach appropriate cable to your Ethernet hub. Best headphone deals for Christmas: Plastic inserts should be completely removed. Contact your ” point of purchase.

Turning The Printer Off Stapling and 3-hole punch functions can be used in conjunction to provide a 3-hole punched and stapled finished document of up to 50 sheets.

Chapter 1 Unpacking and Installing Your Printer Describes a suitable location for your laser printer and how to unpack and install it.


TallyGenicom Intelliprint ML450 Manuals

The specifications that apply to your machine depend on your machine configuration. Operating a debris-contaminated machine can cause a fire or shock hazard.

Hold the latch and open the upper left cover. Selecting A Display Language Severe dam- age may occur.

Insert a new transfer roller and press down to hold the roller in place. GEG Sep 01 Genicom For Standard Configuration Hold the EP cartridge horizontally and gently shake it 5 to 6 times to evenly distribute the toner inside. Tablets by David Carnoy 7 days ago.

Standard Configurations The LN45 or Intelliprint mL printer can be ordered in the following two standard configurations: Be sure to read this chapter before setting up the printer. Page 21 While holding the orange handle with one hand, gently push the cartridge all the way into the printer. Troubleshooting How This Manual is Organized Location And Environment Precautions Intellifilter for compatibility with legacy print data streams.


Before replacing the fuser, turn the printer off and wait at least 40 minutes before replacing it.

intelliprijt Code Class 5 – Lcd Messages Connecting The Power Cord Safety Notes And Regulatory Compliances Replacing The Fuser The fuser becomes very hot during operation. Troubleshooting In this Chapter.

Replacing The Ep Cartridge Paper Size Requirements Page 29 Do not use paper with creases or wrinkles. If debris metal or liquid migrates into the machine, switch off and unplug the machine. Extended Configuration floor-standing -4