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Amazon Music makes Alexa chattier but just as dorky Alexa’s music-discovery flow will now be like a conversation, asking you questions and playing song samples to land on tunes you actually want to hear. Some subs do it because they’ve got a lousy crossover. Driver Details 1st speaker Driver Type. Inside the sub you can see the five-and-a-bit-inch driver, which fires backwards into this rear ported chamber. Speaker System System Components.

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The has that stereo expander button, too; the doesn’t. As a result of this, the XPS subwoofer won’t announce its ehrcules.

You could get the hang of pressing the power button with your toe, I suppose. Making the box out of a non-resonant material also helps; this sub’s made out of high density particle board, not plastic.

You can get cheaper sound cards than this, but not much cheaper. I presume that the Hercules distributor that provided these cards just bought OEM cards, and retail boxes.

This is a good looking speaker system. The sub has the same solid no-midrange filter as the sub, which is good, herchles the same reasons. These “widerange” drivers aren’t likely to actually have a very wide range, which means the subwoofer often has to play a fair bit of low midrange to fill the response gap.

There’s no way to double up the other channels, though, so if you want anything from the surround or centre speakers, you’ll need a real signal going to that input.

Hercules Computer Technology XPS 210 Speaker User Manual

The subwoofer’s as well sealed as the one, but there’s no lagging in it. The sticker on the back of the sub rates the XPS as having a total power output of 30 120 RMSwhich is perfectly plausible, and perfectly acceptable.


What you might find, but thankfully almost definitely won’t, is glass fibre, like the stuff roof insulation batts are made of. Not even a treble knob. It needs to be half the price, to compete properly. They come in a full show-off retail box, instead of the simple white box or mere anti-static bag that most OEM gear has.

Hercules XPS Classic – speaker system – for PC Overview – CNET

The G9 input is still analogue, though, not digital; the XPS has no surround decoding features. This may be a cheap sound card, but it’s not a nasty one. BAF is the standard middle-of-the-road speaker lagging material, used to break up cabinet resonances and make the box acoustically bigger, at the expense of efficiency. The satellites don’t have the same treble clarity as the ones, but their midrange performance seems much the same, so they don’t need any more midrange support than the twin-driver units.

These drivers have the same dual-magnet arrangement as the XPS subwoofer driver, but they hide it under a metal cap, like most magnetically shielded speakers. XPS This is a good looking speaker system. The filter that feeds this subwoofer genuinely does block everything above the bass register, so you don’t hear the sub contributing to, say, the cello parts in classical music. Speakers by Steve Guttenberg Dec 1, Music by Joan E.

This may be a very good product, but I have a deep-seated philosophical objection to karaoke, so I’m afraid I can’t say any more about it. Even dirt cheap PC speaker systems usually don’t have leaky subwoofer cabinets, but if one doesyou may find yourself blessed with a whistling subwoofer. BAF doesn’t settle, come to bits, rot or burn, and it’s not terribly expensive either.


The XPS would be lousy if it were twice the price, but it isn’t, so it’s great. Well, not a proper low-bass-only subwoofer; you can only get so much from a four inch driver. I don’t think you’d get it, though – the poor retailer would probably just have to offer you a refund. Give Dan some money!

Hercules XPS 210 Speaker Review @ Monkey Review.

This is less than totally convenient, since the sub will probably be sitting under your desk or in some other hard to reach spot. The XPS sub still gives you the usual choice of not very 2210 bass, if you set the bass knob to the 12 o’clock mark, or hecules hollow resonant mid-bass mess if you wind the bass all the way up. Their price niche should be well below any decent new hi-fi gear, and more than competitive with OK used stuff. For plain stereo music, the wins narrowly if you want bass, and the wins narrowly if you want anything else.

The 3D effect is quite pleasing.