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If so, were you able to access the internet with other operating systems or other computers? Raubsau – What I know about my access point is: That actually didn’t work, but guess who’s posting this wirelessly? This is a long distance call for me, but I decided to bite the bullet and stick it out through roughly 20 minutes on hold and eventually managed to speak to a tech support agent. Then you should change it to GM Iexga, you misunderstand the problem I am experiencing. Could you post the complete output of iwconfig?

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Thanks Techstop That did solve my problem and the vi editor was no trouble after that.

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HTTP request sent, awaiting response Techstop here is the kernel message buffer for clues [ Does anyone have a different driver to try, this one just does nv84510a seem to work for me.

If somebody knows better solution, let me know. Did the module load correctly? My question is then what can be wrong since I can’t do ping -c 4 www.

If after modprobe rt61 you see ra0 no wireless extensions. That didn’t work either same error.

In fact, I have got the wireless card running without doing any of step 10, so I really don’t know. The following is just in case there are some corrupted files that may contain the info to draw the vta.


Can I suggest Automatix to install the drivers for your nvidia card? But most of the time the system hv845100a up at boot.

Maybe try finishing the howto, reboot, enable your eth0 again and reboot. I travel a lot and I’d have to be able to connect to different networks also unencryped THX.

Seems that someone already posted a working rt I won’t have time to try modules-assistant until after the weekend because I’ll have to temporarily move my box to where it can get access to ethernet internet. Maybe for some reason you don’t have read access to this directory? So, you’ve been successfull finally? The serial monkey driver works fine for my card.

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I can’t get this to work for some reason: Also my wired connection is no longer working. RaLink Unknown device Flags: This is my current setup: I havent changed the settings beside messed with around with the route command. I started all the steps on a fresh install of kubuntu 6. Thanks Bert The output looks good so far.

Would it be worthwhile reinstalling ubuntu and installing the generic headers from the cd before trying again? I think this is redundant because there is already such an information in the file rt61sta. I had the same problems with NetworkManager. Perhaps I shuld just reinstall edby and start again?


Sorry, I should have mentioned that.

Identify your Intel Phoenix BIOS based motherboard

Everything looks normal, but I think I should see Connect to other wireless network and Create new Wireless Network in the networkmanager menu even there’s no wireless network available? If it does, please post that. I have followed the original guide on my xubuntu 6. I also seem to be plagued with a lot of hv84510w ups as well hv84510w there is something wrong, I may try the wireless card in another machine just to check to see if it is functioning properly.

Anyway, apperantly we had set the router WAN gateway adress to point at the Gateway servers internal ip which normally works as the gw on a wired connection.