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But Remotely managing the machine will let you into the event manager as well and Adaptec’s drivers do “tend” to write to the event logs, so you would have a place to go poke around if needed. If you find and older version you may have some success. The drivers are now installed. This is the same driver set I download before. However, Windows Server , released on February 27, Source. The disk includes the following files:

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In BIOS setup configured as below? Did you find this information useful? I’ll then trash the OS, and install with the driver set you provided and will report back.

RAID Driver for Intel SAH motherboard Windo |Intel Communities

Things don’t quite work: Please enter a title. I realize that the best I might be able to get is to use RDP to login and run Adapter Storage Manager locally but that is precisely the kind of thing I want to avoid. I purchased your board with the consideration that I could later upgrade it keeping up with technology.

Name the volume and click Yes: This is all nice embevded dandy, but if doesn’t have the ability to interface with the controller it’s not any more sophisticated in its monitoring than Windows’ Virtual Disk Services management see the screenshot.


Set Up a System with IntelĀ® Matrix RAID Technology

Need a few more hours to finish. I am using the Gui, however the MSI includes both command line tools as well as a plugin to the MS Storage Service that I didn’t use which should let you query your array status. A warning – once the OS is setup if you change this setting in the daid it will most likely make the OS unbootable.

Press S to Specify Additional Device. Select the volume size and press Enter. It’s worth a look.

This is a computer translation of the original content. Someone else found this driver: The new volume provides easier access to your operating system and files if a hard drive fails. Use one of these tools to see if any information about this array or the physical drives has been exposed to the OS. If you find and older version you may have emgedded success. Let us know how it works as no one has ever tried or tested it on a AH I would not advise trying it on a system currenty in use.

Microsoft has WMI Explorer tools, but this is kind of a needle in the haystack using a gui. To set up a system with matrix RAID, follow these steps: RobW 2, 1 12 Embrdded might be worthwhile to call Super and ask them if there is a way to monitor it with their software. It sounds like you have it set to Adaptec which is why it wont take the Intel drivers.


Use the up and embeeded arrow keys to select your controller from the list of available SCSI adapters, which might include:. Secondly would be to look into the SNMP feature in Something is wrong with that picture. Please type your message and try again. I’ll give it a shot as I didn’t try this driver package yet.

You might discover that there is a MIB for monitoring that controller in there somewhere. That way we can check the driver package to make sure it has the correct keys for this system.

If required, press Enter to select the array. It doesn’t “see” the individual drives that make up the array. It can however be 1 monitored remotely, 2 send email notification and 3 send SNMP traps.