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Press new Add your devices Save the JPos. The majority of vendors will also create drivers for at least one flavor of Linux, but not as many. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. The available methods are: There are plenty of creative deployment possibilities using this architecture and it is encouraged to experiment before picking a final deployment.

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Terminals that are connected to peripherals such as printers, need to run a small web application, the so-called Hardware Manager HWM to control those.

From the Hardware manager home page you can also download the server certificate needed to configure your browser. Tablets smartphones, POS systems, all-in-one systems and desktops. For enabling the graphical interface write true.

Openbravo Web POS supports scales connected to the serial interface. Press new Add your devices Save the JPos.

There are plenty of creative deployment possibilities pprinter this architecture and it is encouraged to experiment before picking a final deployment.

Epson Printer Heats It Up With Java POS At Men’s Wearhouse

The POS Hardware manager can support several fiscal printers connected, and in each entry you must set the mode of the fiscal printer used and the parameters needed by the POS Hardware manager to communicate with the fiscal printer. The system integrator is a recognized leader in retail technology, offering innovative POS hardware and software solutions to large retail chains. Do you want to add them?


Refer to Eltrade documentation to install properly the printer in your system.

The cash drawer is connected to the receipt printer printeg pops when it receives an electrical signal from the printer every time it prints. The company also sprang into action when it recognized a market opportunity for groundbreaking POS technology. Then start the Hardware Manager and if the certificate files do not exist it will try to generate all the files needed.

This mode is for receipt printer and cash drawer with a JavaPOS driver. An RFID reader is a wireless tag reader which work with radiofrequency waves. We need to use VCP drivers: Sign up using Facebook.

The distance between each text line.

This mode is designed to work with any scale which is able to send information in continuous mode. The property lineHeight stands for the height of each line.

This is the default Hardware Manager configuration file with the process.


The printer’s ease of use contributes to happier store-level sales personnel, another reason why Fortune magazine continues to select Men’s Wearhouse as one of the best companies to work for in the U.


To use the back office web interface of Openbravo 3 any modern office system would work. So called headless computers that come in a small housing are a good option as they can be easily hidden below the checkout desk. This page navapos last modified on 9 Septemberat The Hardware Manager is a tiny web server. The detailed instructions to buy and to import a certificate for a Fully qualified domain name goes beyond this guide.

From hardware manager version 1. Two modes are available serial for serial and parallel ports and file for serial, parallel and other ports.

JPOS Driver

POS Hardware Manager supports several receipt printers connected to the same terminal. To configure the browser you need to import the certificate file generated in the first step: Modern receipt printers usually come with a USB connection. This mode is for receipt printter and standard printers installed as a printer in the operating system using the system driver provided by the manufacturer of the printer.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.