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I tried both yum install. I tried installing the exodriver from source with the clang compiler, after it didn’t work with gcc. User submitted U12 Delphi driver. I updated this page to provide a link to that. It installs the ljacklm driver, header file and all the software ljacklm requires such as the Exodriver. Download this zip, and read the readme. Once a month is the limit for these emails, but typical frequency is much less than that.

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Kipling Linux Support

Oabjack tried both yum install libusb1-devel, and yum install libudev. U12 Creating a new class instance of the U12 class named d. As opposed to actual drivers, this download consists of instructions and examples concerning how to call our existing drivers from VEE.

Shopping cart Your shopping cart is empty. Installation seems fine, since test programs like easyFunctions work.

Using LabJack with MATLAB on Linux | LabJack

User submitted U12 Delphi driver. The process to do so is fairly involved, however, and the documentation to do so may be minimal. We do not support Mac at this time, but we have helped with the public effort which has developed some kinux. I’m trying to install the U12 I’m trying to install the U12 and am constantly failing.


Mechanical Switch Closure 2. For more info check out the Java board on our forum. Mar 26,20 KB.

U12, linux | LabJack

Both are working perfectly with Python on Linux. I tried both yum install. U12 open called Traceback most recent call last: Every LabJack is backed by our free Legendary Support, for life. Shopping cart Your shopping cart is empty. Laback Exodriver web page and download can be found here: To build ljacklm you need Exodriver liblabjackusb installed.

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Executing this program requires previous installation of the LabJack U12 Legacy software package. Python support for the U12 is provided in LabJackPython, so you will want to go to that page for installation instructions. I will linjx a quick explanation of the example code on this page below with comments.

Couldn’t open a U I was able to solve it as follow in the CMakeLists file: Download this zip, and read the readme. Bit manipulation functions for C from snippets.


The library and example’s Makefiles have been updated to fix this.

I found that the Makefile had a mistake and was not linking the math library properly. With clang I was able to compile, but the examples in ljacklm didn’t work as they should. No such file or directory ljacklm.

Try the following yum command and u122 if it installs it I don’t have CentOS on hand to test: Submitted by Chris Drake. I am a beginner in python programming and in using the Labjack U I had to go through the following files: