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Ok, i’m a cheapscate, i didnt want to order a new PSU for an old drive I swapped the power supply and voila! Write a review Reviews will be active after verification. Power adapters Posted by Jeroen at Jun 11, Put some heatshrink tube on wires, soldered, then shrunk. I listen to music.

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Posted by TagsxA at Aug 09, Skip to navigation Search Site only in current section. It also has three different power management options, Auto, On and Off. Thanks so much for the comments.

The only problem with this external drive is that it is setup in a RAID 0. My power supply died as well.

Big Disk Extreme with Triple Interface

You have shown us the tail end of a Windows 7 boot sector. My LaCie was whirring but the lights were off. It works, is quite and does the job. Didn’t even know it could be run off off a plug-in cable RAID config?


Then her power adapter broke and we ordered a replacement, and the dosk thing started charging and working like a normal laptop.

LaCie Big Disk Extreme 1tb With Triple Interface in | eBay

Compatibility, the LaCie Rugged drive has everything users bigher. I left the units transferring and came back But, if one drive fails then you lose all your data!

I was having a similar problem exyreme my LaCie 1tb drive. The blue light blinked, but the drive wouldn’t mount. It started 2 weeks ago. The Big Disk Extreme also comes with a base that the drive sits on sideways, leaving plenty of room on your desk for your other gadgets.

This post seems to have become the LaCie power supply support group: Power up and basic function test only.

LaCie Big Disk Extreme 1TB USB2/eSata prices

Complete Software Suite Included. Be the first to review this product. Your email address will not be published.

Stock level indicator Close. I changed to another power adapter from a 2nd LacieDisk, and voila!!!

Or Not Posted by claytron at Apr 16, Great review and great website btw …. Posted by jan at May 30, More fail Posted by Chris at Aug 09, However I was sitting around today and figured I could do some research on failures and possible recovery and I found this post. Cut a chunk from a paper clip to short pins 13 black and 14 green as shown in this jpeg http: Posted by Trev mills at Feb 18, I tried unplugging and plugging the power and every time I tried, I’d get different results.


extremf I fired up Ubuntu Linux, this can be done from a live CD, not requiring installation. On youtube someone made a video of it: I took the cover off and tried powering the drives from my PC, this didnt work out, i guess the powersupply were more damaged than i thought.