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Become a fan of PCMag. If you were to make use of this log on a regular basis, you’d need to use the “clear log” button to keep it a manageable size. Setup Sorrows This was definitely the low point of my testing experience. None of this works without a UPnP-enabled router. When the software disc finally worked I had to use an XP laptop , I ended up at the LaCie account-generation site, which is really part of the HipServe install procedure. It may be more information than a normal user would want to see, but for me it confirmed the inner workings of the box, which I’ll describe later.

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Sun debuts Galaxy servers. IP configurator shows that the disk has been configured, but does not allow connection. The HipServ name will be used to log in to the device. The only useful thing in there is a note that they used ELDK 3. The log seemed to grow quite large after a few boots of the device, which resulted in a long load-time in the web page.

Setting Up – Review: LaCie Ethernet Disk mini

The ATA connectors are quite tight, pry gently. One interesting option I noticed was the disk format menu Figure 4.


Just so you don’t think I’m a total curmudgeon, I like that this runs cool without making noise. The end of the HipServ installation takes you to LaCie’s Web site, where you register the product and create an account. Still, if you’re planning on serving lots of video from this box, you may be disappointed at the performance. He has instructions for you.

Next step was to pull the drive out and flop it into a ‘real’ linux box to have a look around. A quick internet search confirmed that the edmini run’s Linux. Subscribe to our newsletter.

The setup procedure needs work, especially considering that this bundle is meant for a home audience. Systems Deploy better infrastructure.

Be gentle, 7 screws, a nifty block of aluminum and a chunk of Jello jiggler and the thing comes apart. Fortunately the power supply from the dead Bigger Disk has the same pinout and more capacity so I’m back in business.

Nytro Leverage flash storage.

Turning a Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini into Your Server

Get the ELDK 3. Ideally, use a router that supports UPnP most doas otherwise, the setup process can be more complicated.

Getting the client software running is not only tricky, it’s also important: I’m running rsync in daemon mode. SSD Boost your performance. My 2nd bigger disk burnt up a drive eghernet turned into a boat anchor.


If you were really careful with the warranty seal you can replace it. Choose the Right Drive.

The HipServ install went no better. Upgrade Improve your storage. Apache server-based websites near million mark. Admar Schoonen has taken his Lacie Edmini even further: Setup Sorrows This was definitely the low point of my testing experience. Begin by connecting the disk to a router.

Turning a Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini into your server

To access llacie deeper media-sharing features, including the contact database, you have to use the Web interface, and to get to this, you need to log in through the Web portal which you might not have access to, if you were fooled at installation, as I mentioned above. When finished, click next. To install the optional desktop applications, click Step 2.