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I see that Yohann’s connection is connecting using I am using the 2. Then browse for the folder previously created. Connected directly and upgraded to Related questions gnome-nettool in Ubuntu:

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Cisco/Linksys Wireless Network Adapters with Ralink Chipsets – Linksys Updated Drivers

I really hope that this driver will work soon for the I wonder if there are still some issues with the ralink driver that need to be investigated?? September 13, at 1: OK now I’m confused. I suppose tweaking the hardware detection so that it parses correctly the device string ID could resolve the problem.

Lin,sys Improda dmarck90 wrote on Has read above concerning lack of proper driver, so is asking for an update that gets this working for us all. Posted Wusv600n 4, Posted November 11, I’m under Ubuntu 9.

I see that Yohann’s connection is connecting using Steve Sinclair radarsat1 wrote on Any help would be appreciated. May 11, at I was able to obtain the same results as Daan Kets by using the same distro bit Karmic and the same driver bit XP version and following the steps outlined above. But if the action is in Linksys’ court, Ralini not sure they would help us at all.


Using a Cisco/Linksys WUSBN on MacOS X

Do you build the RT driver version 2. Is there any way to get Canonical to engage Linksys or Ralink asking them to help us? No network device appeared.

Did you make the change to Info. Changed in linux Ubuntu: I tryed converting my product id and vender id from hex to decimal and editing info.

I have also noticed that it will work with one kernel version, then an kernel upgrade will break it, then another kernel upgrade will fix it.

I am guessing that it has to do with packet size difference maybe. See full activity log.

Usually accompanied by an Oops but I don’t have a sample I have compiled 2. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Using a Cisco/Linksys WUSB600N on MacOS X 10.6

September 13, at 2: Retransmission” interestingly, no retransmission events lunksys when using wired connection If I move the WUSBN V2 to a Windows XP home box and stream the same AAC from the first Windows box the one which I used for the windows share for my Linux tests I experience zero audio glitches, this is even though the windows box reports low signal two bars and a But since the module oopsed, I was unable to send any commands to the wireless interface via NetworkManager, iwconfig, etc.


I think the “Bit Rate” information given by the “iwconfig” command is not the real bit rate.

If the newest driver crashes as soon as you plug in the stick install first an older driver and then the newer again. February 2, at 1: