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Performance IOPS and sequential access is also very fine. Then it should work fine. Command timeout retry count exceeded. The following items are examples of failover driver controller events and path failover events:. The content of the grub. How do I remove unmapped or disconnected devices from the existing host?

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MPP RDAC Driver – Storage – Discussions

You ofcoz need at least two HBA for each physical server for multipath to work. The initrd rddac is located in the boot partition. The reason for two variations is that some vendors only support one of the two, and some vendors have arrays that can work with either driver. Maximum number of storage arrays exceeded. It’s important to keep perspective here, as in so far this message hasn’t resulted in any fatal or detrimental behavior, that you’ve measured so far.

Posted March 13, With the failover driver, two cases determine if a path has failed:. After you apply the kernel update and start the new kernel, perform these steps to build the RDAC Initial Ram Disk image initrd image for the new kernel:.


[dm-devel] Multipath setup and rdac questions

Since you’re using the LSI mpath driver, you should really start with their support and take it from there. Error trying to determine storage array name. The SaveSettings keyword changes both the in-memory state and the persistent state. Now I have to deactivate the storage acces for each sr, reboot all servers, and then I’ll try to reconnect the SRs.

Command timeout retry count exceeded.

The utility instructs RDAC to perform various maintenance tasks, but you can also use the utility to troubleshoot failover problems. Compile all driver modules and utilities by running the make command:.

Tried with two different servers, same problem. The lsdev utility provides a map of your lniux LUNs to their Linux block devices. The MD32xxi is one such device that can be used with either. Clears the WWN file entries. Determines which errors m;p log. Creating new MPP initrd image What must I do if I receive this message? Mark this reply as best answer, rdc it answered your question. Make sure the kernel source tree is installed for the kernel version to be built against. To use the mppSupport utility, type this command and press enter.


[dm-devel] Multipath setup and rdac questions

The boot loader configuration file must have an entry for this newly created image. Really an annoying situation The following values are possible:. The Above config info is needed if you want to make mkinitrd manually.

Maximum paths per controller rdxc. Busy wait time exceeded on failover command. The first segment refers to a linjx area of functionality, and the second segment refers to the level of reporting within that area. Error trying to insert a new controller path. Error trying to allocate data structures.

MPP driver package has been successfully rda on your system. I don’t get, why I need two HBA on each server? Error trying to determine AVT state of volume.