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Very low jitter oscillators, asynchronous transfer on USB. This sonic change had a certain aesthetic and artistic value and translated into a very intimate almost guttural vocal. For Windows XP, 7 or 8 a driver is available. No such dramas occurred with Amarra [or PureMusic 1. More specifically, warmth communicated as humidity rather than direct sunlight. With the advancement of information technology and digital communication networks, the market of Home Entertainment has witnessed an increase of the request for integrated systems in which the usual audio equipment interact in a much tight and synergistic manner with computing equipment.

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Here I dug the Hex’s nod to warm stickiness. What would be a decent USB-to-optical solution for Mavericks?

Nowadays I pay less attention to tonal balance, m2hech and other technical aspects and concentrate more on how the music affects me, how it evokes emotions. Are you able to move to a different operating system?

Metrum Acoustics drop M2Tech OEM, announce new USB module |

On a balance beam. It perfectly captures the tone colors and shades mm2tech emotional energy. Perhaps, but a frustrated customer is a frustrated customer; but I take yr point about the inherent risk of relying on the future compatibility of existing drivers.

It should be more easy as both interfaces were on the same quality level then it was a matter of swapping but as mentioned we put a lot of effort to the design to bring it on a higher level.

Metrum Acoustics drop M2Tech as USB OEM, announce new module

There are some cheapies knocking about on eBay here: VortexBox also natively supports the M2Tech interface, and is incredibly easy to use. Not with the Hex where thicker air plumped and softened the delivery without pulling a veil over details. This was a real eye opener because the true meaning of this song is based precisely on the titular very intimate question. None of these orm hindered the Hex’s need for speed.


A slightly different type of sonic change can be wrought with power supply improvements. It was less involving. The electric bass that underpins “The M2tecch To Swing” was abundant with textural information and sufficiently weighty that the song was driven pendulously by its core – er, swing.

As an agent for me described, the is more romantic and warm [it is also used in the Linn Klimax] but the is more like the real world and closer to the XLR. We have tried to avoid this until such a time that this technology is rock stable and here the original hiFace was the most proven contender.

View in large image. Devices with oeem jitter and inferior clock recovery or clock generation sound brighter, seemingly more detailed until we compare them to something better.

6moons audio reviews: M2Tech HiFave EVO with optional battery PSU and master clock

End-user M2Tech drivers are required to get up and running and bring with them the usual caveat of all Mk1 hiFace devices: Taking into account the kem contents and changes in music playback mode, the mission of M2TECH is to offer, in the form of equipment and software packages for domestic entertainment, a pleasant and easy access to audio contents with regards to new methodologies, and to guarantee a high quality of the exploitation experience. HiFace m2tecy like a small USB pendrive, featuring a very compact size.


For Windows XP, 7 or 8 a driver is available. Metrum Acoustics recently decided to develop a new USB interface.

Although M2tech has undertaken the task to develop a new driver that would work with Mavericks, after several months with no news it was too risky to wait even longer. I was just going to buy a hiFace adapter. The biggest changes—systemic changes affecting the very base of the sound and its structure—have been effected by jitter-limiting procedures. Pem, we have done the driver for Linux and two weeks ago we have decided to write the driver for Maverick.

So much for the introduction.

A cable for instance can be great for one type of interface while the score is low using another brand interface on the same cable. Soundstage illumination didn’t just rain down from house lights above, the players themselves lit up the song from within.

Whilst your unit was in transit we evaluated the and decided to deliver both options”. We’d have to put in a bigger piece of memory to buffer the data. It’s not usual to combine such expensive equipment with relatively cheap gear.