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Sep 30, 4: I tried to install Snow Leopard. Called the techs, reset Pram, smc, bought a lens cleaner, blah blah. Sep 27, 2: It would be much easier if Apple offered Snow Leopard as a downloadable software. Sep 30, 5: Sep 29, 9:

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Insert media and refresh to show available burn speeds. Sep 30, 3: I tried to install Snow Leopard. He looked it up and there wasn’t one within hours of my house if you can believe it.

I hope someone figures it out and issues an update fix. I tried to use the OSX Sep 29, 9: I will post if external firewire drive works, when I get it. No problem installing on the Macbook. The problem I have just came to light.

They claim they will take a special look at this problem, but it looks like failed Superdrives are pretty common.


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Unfortunately, the problem seems to be the hardware. Apple was of NO help. Merged Content 1 Merged Content 1. I tried my copy of OSX Although the 24″ Aluminum iMacs are calling to me.

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Posted on Sep 27, 1: Internal Matshita drive is ATA data rate. Sep 30, Good luck mattshita all. Should have been a recall of these drives if there are so many failed ones. It is not clear that replacing the internal drive will last a long time. I’ve been waiting since day 1 to install Snow Leopard on my iMac.

I too bought an external drive so that I can continue using my Imac. Sep 28, 4: Philip Hoyos Philip Hoyos.

It would be much easier if Apple offered Snow Leopard as a downloadable software. Yes Apple Shipping Drive Cache: Oct 1, I have tried cleaning the superdrive, resetting PRAM and slowing down the writing speed.


I live in NC and there are only a handful of Apple stores in the State. User profile for user: Just doesn’t make sense.

MATSHITA UJ resources and drivers

I’ve checked all my friends’s Macs and they all have Pioneer drives just after my early Imac. I’m not sure what should i do, should i take it to apple?? Sep 28, 9: All replies Drop Down menu.