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The left thumbnail is image-enhancement This transparency adapter allows you to scan 35mm slides and filmstrips with your scanner. The input values are related to the position of the indicators along the histogram. Remove the scanner lid. Using the grid lines, you can read the measurements off your ruler more easily.

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Moving it to the left will lower the threshold value, resulting in a lower-contrast image. When ScanWizard 5 launches, it automatically performs a fast preview of the material on your scanner glass surface and displays it in the preview area. There are two numbers shown in the Color Meter Display. The Information window is a “floating window” and does not appear when you start up the scanning software. Mircotek the Image Enhancement Tools are The image-enhancement tools are an integral part of ScanWizard, and they let you adjust the characteristics of your image such as brightness and contrast right from within ScanWizard.

Double-click here to exit ScanWizard Reference Image quality ;lus with higher resolution, but only up to a certain point, after which increasing the resolution simply makes file size unmanageable without yielding any visible improvement to the image. This allows you to determine the final area to be scanned. For example, if you move the left triangle in from 0 to 30, the input range becomes 30 toand pixels in the range of 0 to 30 are then set to 0.

The scanner works in similar fashion to your printer, printing documents one after another with no interruptions. Place the LightLid 35 Plus II vertically on the glass surface of the scanner,and center it along the ruler of the scanner. In addition, through an optional LightLid 35 Plus II transparency adapter, the versatile scanner can even scan 35mm slides and filmstrips.


Microtek Scanner User’s Guide PC version The Pane tool lets you scroll through a preview image, allowing you to move parts of mictotek image into view. The Window Expansion Button “before-and-after” images in a dialog box.

The zoomed preview is different from the zoomed-in view, which is obtained by using the magnifying lens tool and is not a high-resolution view.

10ft MicroTek ScanMaker 35t Plus USB A to USB B Scanner cable Scanning cord

Output Image Parameters The Output Image Parameters include the various controls that determine how your image is scanned and processed. Make sure the image type selected in the Untitled Job1 or Settings window for this dcanmaker job is Millions of colors. Clicking on the diagonal line then plots a point that can be adjusted. Output Dimensions Ouput Dimensions The output dimensions determine the width and height of your image when output to an output device such as a monitor or printer.

The lower the resolution, the larger the image can be scaled.

10ft MicroTek ScanMaker 35t Plus USB A to USB B Scanner cable Scanning cord

Sample Size Options This determines the expanse of color information to be made available. Color Meter Display in the Information window.

Got it, continue to print. Image Adjustment Controls Auto enabled, click on the Auto button again to deselect the feature.


Microtek ScanMaker 35T Plus Film Scanners

Scanning 35mm Slides 1. Auto enabled, click on the Auto button again to deselect the feature. Take note of the following: Page 89 Check button. The Microfek tool can be used to include zoomed-in images enlarged through For the automatic cropping feature to work correctly during the preview scan of your photo, make sure the scanner lid is completely flat and closed over the scan bed before you launch ScanWizard 5.

These buttons on the button panel of the scanner provide you with a quick and easy way to launch frequently used scanner functions. He is a lifelong computer scanmajer and loves everything related to computers, software, and new technology.

This tool is disabled when your image type is set to billions of colors, 1, shades of Usage gray grayscaleline art, and halftone.

Furthermore, installing the wrong Microtek drivers can make these problems even worse. To allow ScanWizard to start up more quickly, select only the boxes that match the SCSI ID of your scanner or scanners, if you have multiple scanners on your system. The net effect creates a lighter image. The first number repre- sents the raw color data taken by the scanner; the second number represents the resulting value after color correction or image enhancement is applied to the image.