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The disadvantage is that it will change the system-wide audio settings. Note that if you set the –opengl-fbo-format option to a non-default value, a format with alpha must be specified, or this won’t work. This value is not updated as time progresses. Equivalent to –keep-open without arguments. Each entry is a directory entry without the path. This is only exposed for planar or single-component formats, and is unavailable for other formats. Some messages are printed before the command line is parsed and are therefore not affected by –msg-level.

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Note that offsets are ignored when not overwriting the hooked texture. This prefix forces enabling key repeat in any case.

STR is expanded recursively. These problems are reported to go away when auto-selecting the title dvd: Set the list of tags that should be displayed on the terminal. This is somewhat fuzzy: It’s only used to calculate when the timer should fire next when the timer expires. Issue this command again to stop taking screenshots.

Do NOT use –playlist mplyer2 random internet sources or files you do not trust! This only fires when –linear-scaling is in effect.


Quality reduction with hardware decoding. Whether this applies depends on the VO backend and how it handles keyboard input. CObjective-CLua [3]. Whether this works depends on VO driver support. The user should independently guarantee this before using these signal formats for display. T Toggle stay-on-top see also mpllayer2.

mpv (media player)

A higher value buffers more data, and has a mplaye2r probability of buffer underruns. When you receive this, the player is loading the file or possibly already done with it. It is enabled by default during normal playback.

This is the default behavior in mpv and mplayer2. Views Read Edit View history. These pixel offsets will be accumulated and corrected during the next scaling pass cscale or scale.

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This is also returned if unknown options are passed to mpv. When using HDR output formats, mpv will encode to the specified curve but it will not set any HDMI flags or other signalling that might be required for the target device to correctly display the HDR signal. What a mplayet2, really. The latter is a heuristic, as it’s generally not possible to determine this with certainty. From your event loop, mplayeg2 should call mp.


mpv (media player) – Wikipedia

Seek commands will show the progress bar, property changing commands may show the newly set value. Internally, the same mechanism as –no-sub-ass is used to strip the styling. Many network protocols are supported, but the protocol prefix must always be specified. Playing multi-channel audio with it is slow.

You should probably not use this filter. If the image is not subsampled, this option is ignored entirely. The player will wait until all hooks are run.

The value will be sent in the data field of the replay message. When using this switch, vireo decoding is still only done for some codecs.

A smaller value makes the audio stream react faster, e.