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This is the third token discussed previously. The MySQL driver is smart enough, however, to properly escape the zone string. This parameter is optional and always located at argv[7]. BIND makes no guesses about syntax. Please try this and let me know how it turns out.

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Notice that the command line is actually broken over many lines.

Notice the space at the beginning. Another important point is that the MySQL driver uses relative data. Of those, only the lookup, allnodes, and authority queries make use of the fields returned by the query. Below is my error: How many fields are returned is also of great importance.

This can be a bit difficult to understand, so be sure to read the next section of the documentation thoroughly and carefully! This configuration segment would be contained in BIND’s config named. To override the default behavior, use an extra “. The data string is “built” by concatenating fields 4 through 12 together, with a space added in between each.

This query should be used to return Myaql records in the zone. Note that I replicate data from another table but you can just as well enter any values manually. Your database can hold these fields as strings or numbers, but they MUST be able to be properly parsed into a number without any extra characters.


This parameter is required and located at argv[3]. Thus, when someone attempts to perform elz zone transfer, this query is run if the zone exists, whether or not the requestor is allowed to perform the zone transfer. Spaces are not removed inside of braces, so be careful. Hi Stephen, Can you provide some additional detail here? I use a database called postfix since my setup is tightly coupled with email routing and replication from the email database.

This feature can be very useful when designing applications that use databases or directories for storage rather than having to design your application to address a filesystem msyql create resource records or zone files. If a field returned by the allnodes query is NULL, nothing is appended by that field.

[ubuntu] Bind+DLZ+MySQL Hardy

BIND makes no guesses about syntax. The word “mysql” is located at argv[0]. The keyword dkz is the only parameter that can be specified in a DLZ configuration segment. There are six queries that can be used by the MySQL driver. Notice there are no characters or spaces between the brackets. Notice the extra “. By default DLZ and it’s drivers are not built.


How to install Bind-DLZ on Linux

Now that we have covered all the different types of queries that can be used by the Dkz driver, we can discuss the number, type and order of fields returned by the queries. This is the database connection string; it is required. Before using this query, the Postgres driver will use the findzone query to determine if the zone is supported by the database.

Next is “ttl” or time to live, field 1 in our chart.

To summarize, the allnodes query MUST have at least 4 fields in the mhsql set, and those fields must be ttl, type, host and data. All of this is discussed later in the documentation. In the “data” field, we only have NS1. Notice all the extra spaces at the end of the data string.